Do I Need A Lawyer To Handle My DUI Case?

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Sep 27, 2016

Yes. Even if this is your first DUI charge, hiring a lawyer will benefit you greatly. If you’ve been charged with DUI previously, the penalties are even more serious and you will certainly need a lawyer to help you.

Some who are charged with their first DUI offence without any other factors (like reckless driving) believe they should plead guilty immediately. The penalties may not seem severe and it saves the person charged from a drawn-out trial that may cause them embarrassment.

Pleading guilty to a DUI

However, here are some of the impaired driving penalties in Ontario that result from pleading guilty to a DUI:

  • Criminal conviction, including fingerprints and photograph on record
  • No driving for 1 year due to license suspension
  • Fine (first time offence: $1,000; increases thereafter)
  • Ignition interlock system installed at your expense when you’re allowed to drive again
  • Required to take a relicensing program with the Ministry of Transportation
  • Your auto insurance will likely increase significantly, including the possibility of needing facility insurance
  • You could be denied entry at the United States border and have your ability to travel elsewhere impeded due to a criminal conviction

A lawyers advisement

As you can see, the punishment for even one DUI conviction can be long-lasting and severe. A lawyer can help advise you on pleading, will be familiar with the court, have knowledge of past cases and help you navigate the complicated administrative and legal systems.

If you want to keep your license and avoid a criminal record, you need to have a trial and be found not guilty. Only an experienced lawyer can help you achieve this through preparation, creative advocacy and cross-examination of witnesses (typically, police officers.)

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, consult with a lawyer before pleading guilty. The Niagara criminal lawyers of Chown Cairns have extensive history and a proven track record defending individuals in DUI cases. If you need a criminal defense attorney on your side, click on the button below to request a consultation with one of our criminal lawyers.