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St. Catharines Criminal Lawyers

Providing an aggressive defense of all charges

Practicing Lawyers:

    The quality, experience, and approach of that lawyer are crucial factors to consider when looking for a professional to guide you through this difficult period.

    Chown, Cairns LLP has criminal lawyers with a wealth of experience and expertise in all criminal law matters, and can provide an aggressive defense of all charges under the Criminal Code and other related statutes, including representation at trial and in the Appellate Courts. Our lawyers act for both corporations and individuals. They also provide advice and representation in criminal law matters relating to labour law, such as workplace criminal investigations, child welfare inquiries and other quasi-criminal areas.

    Chown Cairns Niagara Lawyers have over 38 combined years of experience and will treat you in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession. Contact us for a consultation.

    Our expertise in criminal law includes:

    Violent Crimes, such as assault, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, homicide, manslaughter and criminal negligence.

    Impaired Driving and Over 80, Dangerous Driving and other Driving-related Offences.

    Domestic Offences.

    Drug Offences, such as production and trafficking charges, importation and conspiracy to import or traffic and possession.

    Property Crimes, including theft and property damage.

    White Collar Crimes, including offences under the Income Tax Act, the Customs Act, the Bankruptcy Act and the Export and Import Permits Act, and charges under the Competition Act.

    Environmental Offences.

    Workplace Violations, including problems of fraud and theft in the workplace.

    Youth Court matters.

    Search Warrants.

    Quasi-criminal Offences