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St. Catharines Labour and Employment Lawyers

Assisting employees and employers on matters including termination of employment, workplace harassment and employment contracts

Practicing Lawyers:

    Assisting employees and employers find solutions to employment-related and labour-related disputes.

    Our firms labour lawyers have decades of experience assisting employees and employers find solutions to employment-related and labour-related disputes, at all times providing sound advice, vigorous advocacy, and practical problem-solving for both employers and employees.

    We represent clients in every sector of the economy including helping agencies in the broad public sector; education; retirement homes, diverse manufacturing environments such as auto, foundry, machining, and the food processing industry; trucking; and the construction industry before every court level, Labour Board, Administrative Tribunal, or dispute resolution process that addresses employment issues both Provincially and Federally.

    In the Labour field we represent the management interest in dealing with trade unions and in handling potential strike-issues in a rapidly changing legislative environment at every stage including initial organizing drives; certification and related complaint proceedings; negotiating collective agreements; dealing with day-to-day workplace disputes and related grievance and interest arbitration.

    In the Employment Law field, we represent both employers and employees at every stage of the employment relationship including its formation, by drafting and advising clients on employment contracts, during the course of the employment relationship dealing with performance issues, workplace disputes, harassment issues, illness and disability issues. At its termination we assist in the preparation of or responding to severance proposals and related wrongful dismissal litigation, and following the end of the relationship dealing with restrictive covenants, notice requirements, the calculation of severance and termination pay, and other like issues.

    We are dedicated to finding practical, cost-effective, expeditious resolutions to your Labour and Employment difficulties.

    Wrongful Dismissal

    Severance and Termination

    Drafting Employment Contracts

    Collective Agreement Negotiation

    Occupational Health and Safety Violations