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St. Catharines Wills and Estates Lawyers

Wills, estate planning and trust legal services

Practicing Lawyers:

    Our estates lawyers advise on how clients can build their estates and then transfer their property to appointed beneficiaries.

    Our estate planning lawyers advise our clients on imaginative methods of accumulating, managing and preserving wealth, as well as on its disposition during life and upon death. Specifically, in conjunction with other professionals such as accountants and financial advisors, we assist clients with tax-minimization and tax-saving strategies, including building their estates and planning for the transfer of property to family members and other beneficiaries in ways that minimize taxes.

    We consult clients on the advantages of having a will and powers of attorney and depending on a particular client’s needs, we develop simple or very sophisticated plans, and prepare the documents necessary to implement those plans. These may include wills, codicils, revocable and irrevocable trust agreements, specialized trusts, life insurance and other lifetime gifts, charitable trusts and foundations, limited partnerships, shareholders agreements, instruments for the sale, gift or testamentary transfer of property, powers of attorney for property, powers of attorney for personal care, will probate, living wills, and other succession planning documents tailored to achieve the client’s objectives.

    Our lawyers attend the administration of the estate and also represent and advise trustees/executors in all aspects of estate and/or trust administration, including the distribution of estate assets, the passing of accounts and the finalization of income tax matters upon death.

    Our wills and estates lawyers provide advice and representation with estate planning tools including:

    Powers of Attorney


    Trust Agreements

    Life Insurance

    Revocable Trusts

    Specialized Trusts


    Shareholder agreements

    Limited Partnerships

    Living Wills

    Our Estates Lawyers Make Sure Your Wishes Are Respected

    Ensure your estate is distributed how you want with one of the most respected law firms in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. Contact us today with all your questions and concerns.

    Last Wills

    Distribute your property, assets, and money confidently, knowing your wishes will be honoured with an experienced will lawyer in St. Catharines. We help individuals determine estate matters decisively by preparing watertight wills, helping identify executors responsible for settling your affairs, and rescinding past wills.

    Power of Attorney

    The power of attorney is a powerful legal document that allows you to give someone else authority to make decisions on your behalf. You can hand over significant decision-making authority, including matters of healthcare, financial decisions, estate management, and more.

    Speak to knowledgeable lawyers who will safeguard your interests and protect you from the unintended consequences of a power of attorney.

    Power of Attorney for Property

    A power of attorney for property allows you to hand over complete or partial control over property to someone else. Property doesn’t just mean real estate, it can also include valuables, bank accounts, and other assets of yours.

    It is a significant document, which is why you should seek advice from an experienced lawyer before you sign. We help clients prepare powers of attorney for property, advise on suitable responsible persons, and protect clients’ interests.

    Estate Administration Make sure assets are distributed fairly and legally under a will or according to the Ontario Succession Law Reform Act. We administer estates, assist with tax matters, advise trustees and executors, ensure the wishes of the deceased are honoured, and more.

    Multiple Wills for Tax Efficiency

    Create multiple wills for separate assets and lower the estate taxes applicable to your estate with our help. We can reduce probate tax significantly through multiple wills while protecting your estate from unintended consequences. Speak to our lawyers to learn more.

    Estate Litigation

    Resolve disputes effectively and efficiently with a full-service wills and estate planning firm. Our lawyers advise and represent clients in a wide range of matters, including:

    • Family Law Act estate claims
    • Interpreting wills
    • Challenging the validity of the will
    • Solicitor negligence
    • Dependent support claims


    How much does a wills lawyer cost in St. Catharines?

    Since personal circumstances, assets, and expectations are unique to every individual and estate, we are unable to provide a “price list” of our services. Our lawyers will be able to advise you on estimated costs once we know more about your matter.

    Book a complimentary consultation to discuss your matter.