How to prepare to meet with your Niagara commercial litigation lawyer

Commercial litigation lawyer

Jun 28, 2016

Litigation law refers to legal proceedings between two opposing parties. Commercial litigation refers to business disputes, and these disputes are often settled by a negotiated agreement between commercial litigators representing the parties. Typically these cases involve contractual disputes, and can be local, national or international in nature.

To prepare to meet with a Niagara lawyer in regard to a commercial litigation matter you will first need to understand your specific type of dispute and then prepare any necessary documents.

Common Commercial Litigation Disputes

Breach of contract

This is the most common type of commercial litigation. Examples of a breach of contract include contracted work not being completed by a certain date, a supplier delivering the wrong product or a lesser backing out of a lease agreement.

Unlawful means

Unlawful means refers to intentional economic interference. For example, if a third party encourages, threatens or coerces one of the parties in a contract to breach that contract. Another example could be an employer hiring an employee who has a non-compete clause with another corporation.

Corporate disputes

Corporate disputes typically involve acquisitions, mergers or business divorce. These cases can be tried in court or through mediation or arbitration.

What to prepare before meeting a Niagara commercial litigator

  • Copies of relevant business documents, such as contracts and business plans
  • A list of important parties, such as contractors, witnesses, etc.
  • Questions for your lawyer. Some examples include:
    • What type of litigation dispute resolution would be advisable: arbitration, mediation, settlement or trial?
    • Is the lawyer paid a flat fee or a commission?
    • What is the timeline for the case?

Find a Niagara Commercial Litigation Lawyer

The Niagara commercial litigation lawyers of Chown, Cairns cover all areas of commercial litigation. They represent a broad range of clients at various sizes. If you are searching for a Niagara commercial litigation lawyer, learn more about the Chown, Cairns litigation law practice group.

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