How to prepare to meet with a St. Catharines personal injury lawyer

personal injury lawyer

June 7, 2016

Succumbing to a personal injury affects you both physically and financially and often emotionally. When the injury that you have sustained is the fault of a separate party and/or if you feel that the compensation offered through insurance is insufficient, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

To prepare to meet with a personal injury lawyer, it is important to collect as much information as possible pertaining to your injury claim and those at fault. In your initial consultation, you will review this information with your lawyer to determine whether you require legal representation.

Bring the following documentation:

  • Accident or collision report if car accident
  • Police reports
  • Picture of scene incident
  • Hospital, doctor and therapy records
  • Any information that documents how your injuries have affected your life
    • Work missed as a result of the injury
    • A list of the ways your life has been affected
  • Medical bills
  • Insurance coverage and claims
    • Information on your interaction with your insurance company
    • Copies of correspondence with your insurance company
  • Income loss as a result of injury
  • Witness information
  • Photographs (photos of the person’s injuries and any photos they may have taken of the vehicles involved or the loss location where they fell)
  • Incident report of Slip and Fall

Be open with your Niagara personal injury lawyer

Your lawyer needs to be made fully aware of all aspects of the situation so that he or she can be fully prepared when the case progresses.  


Know this before you sign an agreement

Before you sign an agreement and hire your personal injury lawyer, ensure that you understand how that lawyer will handle your case and how much you will pay for their services. You will also want to be familiar with their billing process. To get this information be prepared to ask questions of your lawyer during your initial meeting.


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