How to prepare to meet with your Niagara business lawyer

How to meet with your business lawyer, Niagara

June 14, 2016

The information that you provide to your business lawyer will be analyzed so that a legal plan can be created to meet the needs of your business.

Dependent on the reason for your first meeting with a Niagara business lawyer you will need to bring a number of items for documentation and review. The following are best practice items that your lawyer will want to review and discuss.

Bring the following documentation:

Business Information

  • Marketing and business plans
  • Business name registration
  • Corporate records – business entities


  • Business banking statements
  • Accounting
  • Employee and business income tax returns
  • Debts or assets

Property/Real Estate

  • Property lease, equipment lease
  • Deeds or titles to commercial property
  • Property insurance

Bills and Debts

  • Budget/balance sheet
  • Loan documents
  • Business credit statements
  • Bills

Legal Agreements

  • Any contracts – supplier, client, customer

There are many reasons to meet with a business lawyer and the documentation required in your first meeting will differ dependent on your needs. In your first meeting with a prospective Niagara business lawyer don’t be afraid to ask questions, the advice provided by your lawyer is invaluable and their expertise on corporate matters will position your business for success.

The Chown, Cairns Business law practice group of lawyers are experienced in commercial matters and are committed to providing Niagara residents with effective legal representation. Click here to learn more about the St. Catharines business lawyers practising under Chown, Cairns.

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