How to prepare to meet with your St. Catharines employment lawyer

How to meet with an Employment lawyer

Jun 21, 2016

Employment law is complex and fact-intensive. Sometimes it can be difficult for an employee to have a case brought to trial, as a high burden of proof exists for the employee. Because of the complexity of these cases, you should talk to an employment lawyer if you believe you were a victim of wrongful dismissal, employment contract violation or any other employment issue.

An employee should prepare the following before meeting with a St. Catharines employment lawyer to have an effective first meeting:

A chronological and detailed summary of your employment

  • The date you were hired
  • Any information on performance evaluations, awards or promotions
  • The date any dispute or issue began
  • The type of issue (harassment, employment contract violation, wrongful termination)
  • Who, what, why, where and when details of the issue

Gather important documentation

  • Employment contract
  • Non-competition agreement
  • Employee guidelines or handbook
  • Performance evaluations
  • Benefits plan
  • Severance agreement
  • Any communication related to the issue, including emails, text messages or voice mails

Determine your goals

Employment law cases can have many outcomes. Are you seeking an end to harassment or discrimination? Do you believe you should receive a greater severance or benefits package? Do you want your employer to better accommodate your disability?

Ask your St. Catharines employment lawyer questions

Not everyone is an employment law expert, but your employment lawyer should be. Don’t be afraid to prepare some questions for your lawyer, such as:

  • Have they handled similar cases?
  • Is there a standard estimate for how long these cases take to resolve?
  • How much does the lawyer charge for their services?
  • Does the lawyer more often represent employees or employers?

Being able to answer some prepared questions will help you build rapport with your lawyer and will make you feel more at ease going forward.

Employment law cases can be complex and fact-intensive. It is important to get started properly by preparing yourself well for your first meeting with your lawyer.

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