How to choose the right Niagara real estate lawyer

May 4, 2017

A real estate lawyer is an essential part of the process of buying or selling a home. In a hot market, like the one Niagara is currently experiencing, hiring the right lawyer is essential. Your real estate lawyer’s role is to represent your interests and to ensure that you and your asset are legally protected throughout the transaction process.

Buying and selling real estate involves a number of legally binding tasks including the preparation or review of an agreement of purchase and sale and the transfer of title insurance. Where your realtor can help you market your home or find the one of your dreams, your lawyer will ensure that your interests are protected.

The role of your realtor

If you are searching for the home of your dreams, a realtor can help you find homes before they hit the market and can be an asset in price negotiation. If you are currently selling your home, your realtor will act as the key marketing tool to help you sell your asset for the best possible price.

Your realtor will require you to sign a contract. For instance,  if you are selling a home with the help of a realtor, you will be required to sign a listing agreement. This contract will lay out how the realtor will market a property, and how much commission they will be paid upon the sales completion.

This is the first contract in the process of buying or selling a home that your lawyer should review. In every step of this process, you should be invested in ensuring that your interests are protected. Find your lawyer early in the process and have each contract reviewed. You can start the search for your real estate lawyer by asking for recommendations from your realtor.

Your realtor works with lawyers on a daily basis and will be able to connect you with a professional who is an expert in the Niagara market.

The role of your Niagara real estate lawyer

Your Niagara real estate lawyer will provide legal advice on a variety of matters. This advice may pertain to contract clauses, zoning violations, property taxes, value estimates, and more. They will also be able to advise upon other important matters, such as the  legal responsibility of the seller during the transaction, and how to avoid legal missteps.

Your lawyer will also advise you on any problems you may run into, such as the rights of current tenants residing in the home, proof of title, legalities of additions and units within the home, and immovable structures (such as minerals, bushes, or trees).

Finally, your lawyer will offer financial protection by reviewing loan documents and contracts to locate areas where you are at risk of financial loss.

Niagara real estate lawyer services

During your search for a Niagara real estate lawyer, your focus should be on market expertise. Your lawyer should be an expert in real estate who is currently working on real estate cases and is well regarded.

If you are a Niagara homebuyer or seller, and are looking for legal representation, connect with Chown Cairns law firm. Our team of highly qualified real estate experts will advise you through the process.

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