When and why you need to hire a business lawyer

How should your business be registered?

Jul 14, 2016

Operating your own business, no matter the size is a stressful undertaking and legal complications involving your business can only add to that stress. A knowledgeable Niagara business lawyer can help reduce some of that stress by providing advice, reviewing contracts and representing you and your business, if necessary.

As most businesses don’t employ a business lawyer “in-house” for advisements, it is important to understand when and why you need to hire a business lawyer.

A good rule of thumb is: you should only see a business lawyer for serious issues. But what are those serious issues? Here are some examples:

Hire a lawyer when someone threatens to sue your business

If a current or former employee makes a credible threat to sue you and your business, you should hire a St. Catharines business lawyer to review the issue. Employment law is complicated and cases can be long-lasting and intense; it is best to have a business lawyer you trust representing you.

Even before a threat is made, a business should consider hiring a business lawyer to review contract clauses, policies, and employee guidelines. Larger businesses with more employees, in particular, may decide it is prudent to be proactive in terms of ensuring that they are in good legal standing with regards to hiring, employing and terminating employees.

Hire a lawyer to buy or sell a business

The purchase, sale, lease, acquisition or merger of a business that involves contracts and financial arrangements should be reviewed by a business lawyer. This will ensure your interests are represented in a legal way and prevent disputes from occurring in the future.

Hire a lawyer to change the type of business

If you’re converting a business to a partnership, corporation, limited liability corporation or any other type, hiring a business lawyer to explain and execute the plan, process and responsibilities will give you peace of mind and legal protection. You may be able to start a business without hiring a business lawyer, but when more parties are involved or the process becomes complicated, like becoming a corporation, a business lawyer can provide both administrative and legal services.

As an owner or operator of a business, there are many issues that you can deal with on your own. However, hiring a business lawyer at appropriate times to deal with serious issues will help your business operate more smoothly and help keep you and your business out of legal trouble.

The Niagara business lawyers of Chown, Cairns business law group represents businesses of all sizes in a wide range of industries. If your business is searching for a new business lawyer in Niagara, learn more about our areas of expertise below.