What to expect from your first meeting with a Family Law Lawyer

What to expect when meeting with a family lawyer

Jun 30, 2016

In your initial meeting with a Family Law lawyer, the goal will be to understand your specific circumstances and your legal needs. During this meeting, you and the lawyer will address a number of topics including how the process of a Family Law case works, issues related to your minor children, potential support arrangements, asset and liability resolutions, and the possible fees and costs.

In order for the lawyer to address all of these matters, you will need to come prepared. Being prepared for your first meeting will enable the Family Law lawyer provide you with comprehensive information and to advise you about what to do next. Click here to learn how to prepare for your first meeting with a family lawyer.

Expect to review your potential issues  

The Niagara Family Law lawyer will review with you the issues relevant to your circumstances and will make assessments based on the information that you have provided. You will discuss the process for your specific case as it pertains to your children, your support needs or obligations as well as your property and debts. The review of these issues is confidential and it is important that you are prepared to provide the lawyer with all relevant details about your situation.

Expect to learn about separation agreements, divorce and options for you

Separation from your spouse can be complicated.  During your meeting with a Ontario Family Law lawyer, you will learn about your rights and responsibilities and how the law relates to you based on the facts of your situation.   The lawyer will also give you specific information about domestic contracts or agreements, and divorce.  

During your meeting, the lawyer will be able to provide you with information on court procedures and referrals to other services which may assist you through the process.

Expect to learn about mediation and litigation

The lawyer will advise as to whether you should or can pursue a cooperative process or if litigation may be necessary. The cooperative separation approach involves negotiation by lawyers and you may benefit from mediation of your issues to arrive at a settlement that is right for you and your spouse. If the lawyer advises you to pursue litigation, the outcome of your separation may be determined by the Ontario Family Court.  

At the end of your meeting with a St. Catharines Family lawyer, you will take away important information, as well as a recommended course of action. It is important that you listen carefully and take notes if this will assist you. Once the lawyer has addressed the details of your situation, he or she will be able to discuss fees and other costs associated with your case.

Choosing a lawyer who is experienced and who will act to secure and protect your interests is important to the outcome of your case. At Chown Cairns LLP our professional team of St. Catharines lawyers can assist you through the difficult process of separation. Meet our team by clicking here. Book a consultation with one of our St. Catharines Family Law lawyers by clicking here.