Understanding the most common types of commercial litigation

Understanding the most common types of commercial litigation

Dec 29, 2016

Understanding the risks and types of disputes your corporation or company may be subjected to over the course of doing business is important. To further protect your business, you should seek the advice of a commercial litigation lawyer to help you to minimize your liability.

Commercial litigation is considered a legal business conflict and covers many types of disputes that arise in business transactions, the most common types of commercial litigation are explained below.

Corporate or Partner Disputes

When a business or partnership grows to be contentious, parties may look to resolve the internal disputes by bringing legal action. Partners owe a fiduciary duty to the partnership and the business entity, however balancing the voices and the actions in the partnerships is not always possible.  When this occurs, shareholders or partners may consider it a breach of fiduciary duty.

Employment Disputes

Employees may file a claim against their place of business for a number of reasons. Common employment related claims include employees who feel that they were subject to discrimination, that they were wrongfully terminated or are owed financial benefits or pay discrepancies.

Contract Disputes and Contract Breaches

Intelligent businesses manage their relationships through contracts in order to protect their assets. When the terms of a contract are not met, or have not been upheld, this may be considered a breach of the contract. Consequences of a breach of contract can lead to a lawsuit.  

Fraud Disputes

Fraud is considered when a business or entity intentionally misrepresents facts. Businesses can be held liable for any fraudulent actions during a business transaction.

If your Niagara business is facing a business dispute with the prospect of litigation, contact one of Chown Cairns experienced Niagara commercial litigation lawyers.

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