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Mass transportation modes, like buses and trains, are often used for the daily commute to work, or when traveling. While accidents involving mass transit systems are rare, determining liability for injured passengers, and obtaining compensation can be difficult and complicated.

Our skilled and experienced lawyers at Chown Cairns LLP Professional Corporation, Personal Injury Lawyers will conduct an independent investigation of your accident to determine if you have a potential claim.

Our legal team has an extensive network of professionals we can call upon, from accident reconstruction specialists and accountants to physicians and occupational experts. Within the team we assemble, we can gather documentation to aid in seeking compensation from municipalities and private transport companies, depending on the findings of our investigation. Compensation may be sought as a result of driver errors, roadway neglect, improper vehicle maintenance, or occupier liability. Our experienced lawyers at Chown Cairns LLP PC can also assist with seeking benefits from your own insurance policy.

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If you have suffered an injury when commuting or traveling on a bus or train, our personal injury lawyers can help. Contact us at our St. Catharines office at 1-905-346-0775 to arrange a free, one-hour consultation to discuss your options for maximizing your compensation. Our compassionate lawyers will provide an honest assessment of your mass transit accident and detail how we can help you protect your rights.