Family Law

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The breakdown of the marital relationship can involve a variety of Family Law issues: custody/access of the children, property division and spousal and child support claims. These issues are often resolved within a negotiated agreement called a Separation Agreement. Careful structuring of such a settlement, after proper exchange of financial information, is crucial, as these agreements can affect all parties for a potentially lengthy period into the future.

The umbrella of Family Law can also encompass other diverse topics that affect the family unit such as spousal and child abuse issues, the drafting of Cohabitation of Prenuptial Contracts, as well as claims made to an estate by dependants.

All of these issues can be litigated within a courtroom context, but increasingly, parties are seeking creative ways to fashion their own settlements, either within a negotiated, mediated or collaborative law context.

Professionals at Chown, Cairns can assist you with these difficult and often emotionally charged issues. We are able to respond to your individual needs and provide experienced advice and representation.